Monday 17th Feb 2020

Fictional books have become a great joy recently. I’ve read “The Stars my destination” by Alfred Bester (1956), “The cattle king” by Eon Idreiss (1936) and am now onto “Robot Visions” by Asimov (1990). A great form of escapism. Although I’m still enjoying “Mineral science” by Cornelis Klein even though it’s slow going.

Sailing or surfing has taken a back seat. I think I’ve partially lost interest as both sports don’t come to life all that often in this part of the world. When you’ve lived in place where it’s awesome for these sports almost all the time, it’s not all that exciting to come down 15 notches. It gets as good as anywhere here, but only about 3 times a year. Where I used to live it was probably awesome at least once per week.

I have taken over the management on Ballina Pilates so that Dana can concentrate on what she does best, teaching Pilates. I am handling the accounts and marketing strategies. She of course is still guiding the flow of Ballina Pilates, but I am good holding direction when the need arises. Through data and statistics the Pilates business seems to be making head way.

The WingFocus site I’ve rebranded to Xortig. Why? Because Xortig is a proper noun. Xortig has the slogan “Fly like an eagle”. With the products from Xortig humans can now fly like an eagle without putting their physical body at risk.

The first product to make it to production is a gimbal for RC gliders made to work with head tracking systems. I’ve called it the Temarai gimbal. It’s now working on on a powered plane as well as a slope soaring one. I’ve made some simple yet functional motor and servo mounts which are quick to 3D print. Thus a new plane can be built in a day from the raw 50mm sheet and the pre made 3D printed parts.

The business point of view for Xortig is rather less impressive. There is so much marketing noise out there that it appears to take either cash, time or luck to get your product out there. The right way to do it is to go find a market and fill it. Temarai is NOT that. I can’t see the markup vs unit volume vs marketing cost making it a viable product. Thus I’ll just leave the online shop where it is. If someone orders one, I’ll send it to them. For now I will concentrate on a straight forward engineering Co. and see if there’s anything worth doing there.

Sentach is my engineering company. The slogan – “Move it!”

We make industrial machinery move from your smartphone. At the moment I am networking and meeting people to build contacts to offer this service to industry.