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A few years ago I wrote the Kindle Edition book - Surfboard Fin Design - Just the basics - available on Amazon. After that I designed and 3D printed a few fins which were tested. Then I became too busy to look at fins anymore and didn't ever refine or finish these designs. However they worked how I expected them to for the most part. Rather than waste the designs they are here for you to 3D print, test and modify for yourselves. A Creality 3D printer is very reasonably priced compared to a set of fins, so print as many as you need. Just one thing, the fin tabs need to be made solid core or else they will snap. I was about to fix this before I stopped designing all those years ago. It should just be a setting in the slicer.

20200304_fin_001.zip 5.5M
20200308_alto_prints.zip 16M
fins_alto_models_and_fin_box_adapter.zip 116M