Happy societies

A couple of weeks ago we were at Christians house when he talked about a term called Blue Zones. It’s a term coined by Dan Beuttner about places in the world which have a very high percentage of centenarians. (people whom live over 100 years).

Dan gave a Ted talk on Blue Zones.

Then yesterday I was in a waiting room perusing the National Geographics they had there and I found one of Dans articles on the happiest places in the world.

Something I realised a while ago, is that even if someone becomes financially wealthy and can stop work, they only retire for a while and then they go back to work. Why? Because they have no community or tribe. To get financially independent usually involves many hours of work which usually separates people from their circle of friends. Humans as a whole generally look at everyone else around them to figure out what they should be doing. If there’s no one around they look to the media.

In the geographic areas of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America and their related offshoot zones, it seems community is lacking. By community I mean face to face community specifically NOT through social media. The connections between people are there, but people do not have the time. They are stressed about working towards having enough money to retire and getting ‘Set Up’.

People work so many hours per week (at least here in Australia they do) that they are too tired to spend time with each other.

With technology we’re now many times more productive than ever. People 100 years ago lived OK on a fraction of the output. It would be nice to find somewhere where the whole society says”Yes, we have enough. Let’s just do 20 hours per week work. Let’s set things up so everyone spends an average of 10 minutes travel time to work “

Do these places exist? It seems like Dan Beuttner might have found some.

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