I’m making 3D printed fins for myself. If you’d like to down load and print some of them yourself then feel free to do so. If you need an explanation as to why I’ve made the shape a certain way then buy my book on surf board fin design, have a read and then contact me.

I am a heavy surfer floating at around 100kg. At the moment I generally surf the waves of the east coast of Australia. As good as anywhere on their day, but most of the time they generally lack grunt and size. Thus the fins I’ll be producing first are for these conditions for my body mass. However I’ve a friend testing my fins and he’s around 70kg. Thus I’ll probably specify when a fin is made for a lighter person or specify the weight of a rider if they comment on a fin.

These are fins for very average surfers like myself, not people who rip. If you rip, then these fins may not be for you. Also if you’re from HI or any place facing SW below 33.6 degrees south (or 33.6N facing NW) then at the moment these fins won’t be for you. I’m not going to be surfing those types of waves for a while.,thus I won’t be designing foils for those conditions yet.

The first test fin is the Alto.
The second fin has a bit more tip twist Alto flex a
Strednell experimental