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What am I doing now?
Now being the 16th of July 2019.
Currently living in Ballina, NSW with my partner Dana and daughter. I've finished helping Dana setup Ballina Pilates and now I'm doing my own thing on the work side of life. That being getting WingFocus up and running. The first product to make it to production is a gimbal for RC gliders made to work with head tracking systems. I'm quite proud of making the online sales site work. Hopefully the tech from WingFocus will come accross to a theoretical drone freight and shipping company I am visualising.

I'm not sailing or surfing as much as I used to. However as luck would have it, I've reaquired some decent windsurfing gear once again. Yesterday I appear to have assembled a 7.5sqm cambered rig, so I estimate I should be able to sail in around 14kts comfortably fingeres crossed. If this is true then there should be plenty of days to sail around here. I may pull the kite out, but really in lighter wind (sub 35kts) the kiting foil I have is very slow comparted to the average cambered windsurfing foil (even though in theory they should be way faster). Surfing here isn't anywhere near as consistently good as WA is. I still paddle out accasionally to sit in the ocean and zen up. Been enjoying RC gliding now. Life is fairly good in general.

This simplistic page

Simple is fast and easy to edit. This page is also in raw and simple html. Nothing fancy. I also like using 'vi' to edit files. Vi seems clunky initially, but there's a reason it's still around. 'Cause it's rediculously fast when you get used to it.

Hire me:

I am available for Linux based projects from Raspberry Pi custom creations to Cloud rack server builds and trouble shooting. Hardware and software solutions including coding, and any industrial computing situation. That being a factory situation when machine control is needed or stand alone devices (iOT style), where you may have a machine in the desert or in the ocean which needs to run autonomously.
Please only come to me with Linux or Unix type jobs as I only want to produce solid and reliable solutions. To date these are the only operating systems which do so outside the microcontroler realm.
All facets of engineering projects will be looked at. Electrical, mechanical, fluid dynamics, structural, civil, chemical. If you're an existing engineer and you're stuck, then I'm probably interested. The harder and more screwed up the job is, the more interesting I'm likely to find it.

You're only as good as the work you've done and thus I'll endeavour to post projects large and small to the blog.
For Linux and computer projects, look at the blog posts here.
Most fluid mechanics projects are on the WingFocus blog. WingFocus is the R&D arm of 7rocks which is my freight company based on automated systems.

If you call me, leave a message as I'm usually unable to answer. That or email me.

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