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Do not buy a HP LaserJet M110we printer.

11th August 2023 - Just a heads up for anyone looking for a cheap temporary laserjet printer. I bought the HP LaserJet M110we as a temporary solution thinking that I might get a year or so out of it. On the initial setup it worked with Linux Mint Mate 20.04 via USB using HPLIP. I should have stayed on USB, but decided to get wifi printing working. It worked initially for 10 pages and then the printer threw an error code. I can't find the error codes or any info on how to reset to default settings. Now I've set up probably well over 1000 printers on Mac, Linux and MS operating systems both networked and locally with all sorts of configurations and this machine has to be the biggest bag of rubbish I've used. There seems to be other complaints like mine ending up nowhere scattered around the web. Don't waste your money on this one. It is a waste of time. I broke my own rule though which is don't buy the bottom end printer in any brand, however things have changed since I looked years ago and even the more expensive ones now look like light weight substandard devices which try to force you to create an account and logon / configure with a smartphone. I wish they would just leave the ability to print with basic drivers available as a fallback in case all the other fancy add ons do not work.