Plantar Fasciitis notes 4

Up until a few days ago I had no other feedback on how this walking on the centre line technique works for other people. Now my friend whom had a milder case than myself said that his plantar fasciitis is solved. He only focussed on walking and running on the centre line.

Thinking about walking technique further from a mechanical perspective. If there is any energy put into lateral (sideways) movements at all, it is wasted energy.

Observing whether the foot landing position is directly on the line or not.

Here is this guy (Todd) talking about upper torso, however showing some walking on the centre line technique.

This person has compared the landing point of the foot at different velocities.

Way back when I started looking into fixing my issue with plantar fasciitis, these were some of the videos (below) I looked at on running as there was not much on walking that I could find. They helped solve my issue though and now I am running far better than I ever was before.

Not related to plantar fasciitis, but to running which I found out about along the way. A friend of mine whom was analysing his own running technique mentioned 3 things

  1. Concentrate on throwing your leading leg forward rather than pushing off the back leg.
  2. Get your thigh as parallel to the ground as possible on the forward leg lift and
  3. Try to get your foot to be moving backwards before it touches the ground so there is no forward energy projected into the ground.

It took several months to build enough muscle and stamina to do the 3 points, but they feel like they are working.

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