Friday 29th August 2020 – 07:31

Firstly I am concentrating on doing family things and secondly on finding work for Sentach. I’m doing some industrial PLC work at the moment and looking into the viability of wind farm projects.

There’s been a couple of decent days of wind recently, so I cracked out the old 6.7m windsurfing sail and had a burn around the Ballina river. It would be nice to get in the ocean more often. In surfing I’ve had to migrate to the mal as I’m now heavier and less fit than I used to be and the waves here don’t quite have the punch of WA. Thus until I shape some new boards, the mal is the go.

I’ve not looked a the fin designs for a couple of months now, but the last edits came out well. Bit of an issue with fin tabs, but nothing that’s too hard to fix. The feedback from other riders is good. The lighter guys can get surfing around here wayyyy more easily than I can, thus they put the fins through their paces. Mostly the feedback from them confirms the design intent and thus it’s a very satisfying endeavour.

There’s something about foil design that’s very fascinating. Hoping to find some time windows to build some new planes. Fingers crossed.