GNUcash is still rocking.

A quick update. I am still using GNUcash. It is solid and easy to use. Could still do with some improvements on auto-matching. Could have a bit more work done on being able to write quotes and then being able to turn those quotes into invoices. However, when I really need those features I’ll just throw some cash at the GNUcash developers and contribute to the overall codebase.

Also I own my accounting file. I think I’ve said in a post before. Be concerned about having your data files on the software providers server. If it’s on their server, then in a court of law, they own it. Then you’re totally at the mercy of however much they feel like charging you to get at your own work. Also if they lose your data, you’ll have a tough time suing them as the data is actually theirs, NOT yours. Might pay to keep your data files on your own hard drives at your business premises and own the software outright so that you can get back to the work you created. Best to test this using a virtual machine. Install an OS you own. Install the software you own. Then open the files you created with your own sweat, blood and tears.

All in all, I highly recommend GNUcash.

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